Bicerin Chocolate and Orange Liqueur

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INGREDIENTS: sugar, soy juice, alcohol, water, cocoa powder 4%, natural orange flavor, aromas.

Gluten-free – lactose-free – no expiration date

Kosher pareve OU – kosher pareve Hadass Belz

TASTING: It is a very good mix between dark chocolate and the natural flavor of orange. We suggest drinking after dinner with 2 ice cube


Bicerin Orange Martini:

• 75 ml Bicerin Orange

• 25 ml dark Rhum 40°

• 2 ice cubes

• A slice of orange for garnish


You put like garnish on dessert: chocolate Mousse, Cheesecake, Bavarese, French Toast with Berries,

Ice cream, Panettone, Pandoro. You can use it to create a delicious Tiramisù.

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Bicerin Chocolate and Orange Liqueur

Bicerin Chocolate and Orange Liqueur

£18.99 £22.95